Social Art Practitioner | Artist | Teacher

Joan Marie Kelly is a practicing artist, exhibiting and publishing internationally. Her creative work emanates from ethnographical practices such as “fieldwork”. She is a social art practitioner implementing participatory art workshops since 2009 with sex workers in Kolkata India as the founder of ‘The Kolkata Women’s Dialogue.’

She works to sustain endangered languages with three linguists, Lauren Gawne, Alexander Coupe and Frantisek Kratochvil. In each linguist’s focus area she creates artistic engagement with members of the host communities. The focus of the workshops is to expose and gain understanding of visual iconography embedded in the culture of the host community.

Joan teaches at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art Design and Media in Singapore, since 2005.

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Academic Qualifications

2003 – 2005: Masters of Fine Arts Western Connecticut State University, Fine Art Merit Award Concentration: Painting studying with Margaret Grimes, Marjorie Portnow, Ruth Miller, James McGarrell, Suzanne Coffey, Salina Trieff, Stanley Lewis, John Moore.

1991 – 1993: Bachelors of Fine Arts Maryland Institute College of Art Concentration: Painting, Magna Cum Laude.

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2017: 2nd Prize, Highly Commended 2017 Glover Prize chosen from 336 Artists 2017 GLOVER PRIZE JUDGES: Ben Quilty, Artist Eleonora Triguboff Chair / Publisher ARTAND Foundation Dott Books & Dr Mary Knights Senior Curator of Art Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

2016: “Outstanding Works Award” Hangzhou China Global Arts Agenda G20 exhibition sponsored by Hangzhou Qianjing International Art Museum.

2014: “Best of Show” China Art Industry Expo, Beijing 2014.

2013: 16th World Peace Exhibition, Excellence in Social Art, 1st Prize, 50 International Artists.

2013: Honorary Guest Artist, Marrakech Morocco, Guinness Book of World Records.

2012: Achievement in Figurative Painting, 1st Prize, Jeonbuk Biennale (510 artists from 45 countries)

2012: Honorary Ambassador, Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale, Jeonju Korea.

2012: Appreciation of Service Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale, Rym, Chung Yeap, Mayor Wanju, Korea.

2012: Masters of Fine Art Honors Award, Western Connecticut State University.

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Research Grants

2017: 28,733.66K SGD ADM Creative Artist Faculty Exhibition Funding Assistance. Sponsor: NTU the School of Art Design and Media to assist with exhibition costs from 1April 2017 thru 1 April 2018

2016: 9,900.22K SGD Exhibition Grant Sponsor: NTU the School of Art Design and Media to assist with exhibition costs from 1April 2017 thru 1 April 2018

2015: S$30K Tier 1 Nanyang Technological University School Joan Kelly is PI, Dr. Lauren Gawne is Co-PI “The development of Artistic and Participatory Means of Recording, Writing and Transmitting the Stories and Knowledge of Kagate, an Endangered Language of Nepal.”

2014: “Exploring the Crossroads of Linguistic Diversity: Language Contact in South East Asia” Principal Investigator: Asst Prof Alexander Robertson Coupe, is IP Joan Kelly is one of 5 Co-PI’s , S$527,455. MOE Tier 2 Grant

2013: S$40K, Tier 1, Nanyang Technological University Joan Kelly PI, fraunhofer@NTU is co-PI “Culture, Behaviour and Art Uncovered By The Development of Tangible Interfaces in Interactive Visual Environments,”

2010: S$29K Form RG1, Tier 0, Nanyang Technological University Joan Kelly is PI “Transformation.

2006: S$82K,Tier 0, Nanyang Technological University Eileen Reynolds Pi Joan Kelly Co PI “Singapore Hero’s and Idols”

2005: S$3300. RCC Grant, Nanyang Technological University Joan Kelly PI, “The Painters Studio”

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International Contemporary Art Museum Collections:

2016: Hangzhou Qianjing International Art Museum “Into The Woods” 114cm x 134cm oil on canvas “Tangled Woods” 121cm x 91cm oil on canvas

2015: Xi’an Contemporary Art Museum, Xi’an China “Hangin’ Out” 77cm x 77cm, oil on canvavs, 2013

2013: Hua Xia Baosheng Art Museum, Changzhou China, commissioned work, “Natural Transition”

2013: Naresuan University Art Gallery, Phitsanulok Thailand, commissioned work, 2 paintings “Calm Before the Storm”

2012: National Arts Club of New York, NY, Permanent Collection, “The Reilly Family”

2012: Centre d’Art Contemporain Essaouira, Morocco Mostapha Romni, commissioned work, 6 paintings 1. “Daybreak” Painting, oil on canvas 2. “Morning Conch Washed In Sand” 3. “Polished Stones at Dusk”

2012: Boakam International Art Museum Wanju Korea, commissioned work 1. “Bio Herb Plus Mountain” 2. “Natures Warning: Memory and Uncertainty”

2012: Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi India, 1 Painting chosen by Curator Dr. Alka Pande, ‘The Bull in Puri”

2011: Mae Fah Luang, Thai Royal family “Time, Transcendence” Painting, acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 80cm

2010: Mae Fah Luang, Thai Royal family, commissioned work, 3 Paintings, 1 Installation 1. “The Queens Garden I” Painting 2. “The Queens Garden II” Painting

2009: Ahuja, Museum for the Arts, Kolkata India 1. “Singapore Man” Painting 2. “Shopping” Painting

2008: Muzium and Galeri Tuanku Fauziah, Universiti Sains Malaysia, “Kumari”

2000: World Erotic Museum 1205 Washington Ave, South Beach, Florida, USA, “Man Sleeping with His Dog”

1995: Vatican Museum, Rome Italy, 1995, Ceramic Cookie tray for Pope John Paul during his trip to Baltimore, Maryland

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Solo Exhibitions:

2018 24 April-19 May: BLUE MOUNTAIN GALLERY Solo Exhibition 230 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York City I am a member artist with Blue Mountain

2017 July: “WHOSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD?’” Intergenerational Social Art Exhibition Goddard Riverside Community Center, The Bernie Wohl Center 647 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10025 @ 88th street

2017 14-20 April: “MAKING PUJA’S: MAKING A REVOLUTION” Solo Exhibition Visual Art Gallery in the Habitat Center, New Delhi 5000sq feet of space

2013:2017 4-18 Jan: “HOME SWEET HOME” Collaborative Social Art Exhibition with Orphaned Girls In Fez Morocco in cooperation with American Language Center & Arabic Language Institute of Fes, Fes Morocco Fez Riad

2014 1-20 Dec: “HISTOICAL INDIAN ARCHETYPES OF MASCULINE AND FEMININITY: THE KOTHA AND AKHARA” Solo Exhibition Baron Art Gallery, Oberlin College USA. 25 Paintings, documentary of Traditional Indian Wrestlers, one audio history of sex worker Shikah Das discussing managing her profession and raising children and the history of her family.

2012 11-17 April “INITIAL ENCOUNTERS” Solo Exhibition Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi Curator, Alka Pande 30 oil paintings discussing encounters of the visitor in India

2011 6 Dec - 30 Jan: “RABINDRA SARINI PORTRAITS OF TWENTY WOMEN” Solo Exhibition Oresman Gallery at Smith College, Northampton Massachusetts USA 20 portraits of sex workers in Kolkata India

2011 12-30 July: “ZONES OF CONTACT” Solo Exhibition Blue Mountain Gallery , 230 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York City. Paintings and drawings from engagements on the streets with sex workers in Kolkata, Bangladesh foreign workers in Singapore, and factory workers in Shenzhen, China

2008 Nov: “REFLEX” Museum and Galeri Tuanku Fauziah | University Sains Penang Solo Exhibition 24 paintings made in the neighbourhoods of minority communities

2010: Mae Fah Luang, Thai Royal family, commissioned work, 3 Paintings, 1 Installation 1. “The Queens Garden I” Painting 2. “The Queens Garden II” Painting

2009: Ahuja, Museum for the Arts, Kolkata India 1. “Singapore Man” Painting 2. “Shopping” Painting

2008: Muzium and Galeri Tuanku Fauziah, Universiti Sains Malaysia, “Kumari”

2000: World Erotic Museum 1205 Washington Ave, South Beach, Florida, USA, “Man Sleeping with His Dog”

1995: Vatican Museum, Rome Italy, 1995, Ceramic Cookie tray for Pope John Paul during his trip to Baltimore, Maryland

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Biennale Exhibitions

2017 10-22 Oct : Biennale Internationale Art & Passion Arras France La Présidente Violette Jouvenel, Sponsor: la ville d’ARRAS et l’Office Culturel, l’Hôtel de Guînes

2016 1-31 Dec : 17th ASIAN ART BIENNALE BANGLADESH 2016 National Art Gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka

2015 13-28 Nov : 5th INTERNATIONAL MINIATURE ART BIENNALE 2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh, Gallery Chitrak, Athena Gallery, Tone Art SocietyDhaka Bangladesh

2014 21-28 Sept: 1st QINGDAO INTERNATIONALART BIENNALE 2014 Qingdao Contemporary Arts Center, Sponsors: CPC Qingdao Municipal Propaganda Department, Qingdao Literary Federation & Qingdao City Artists Association and Contemporary Art and Culture Investment

2013 28 Apri 4 May: 2nd INTERNATIONAL IZMIR BIENNALE Izmir Turkey 1 painting and guest speaker

2012 9-18 Oct 1st ECOREA JEONBUK BIENNALE Jeonbuk, Korea Vice Director Joan M. Kelly and artist participant, Sori Arts Center of Jeonllabuk-do and International Beakam Art Museum, Wanju, Korea

2012 27 Sept -30 Oct: “Future and Reality”5th BIEJING INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE National Art Museum of China

2012 15-30 June: 1st CASABLANCA INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE locations all over the city of Casablanca

2012 20 Jan-30 Jan: BIENNALE D’ARTE INTERNATIONAL DI ROMA Sale del Bramante, Centro Internazionale Artisti Contemporanei

2008: INTERNATIONAL DRAWING BIENNALE PILSEN CZECH REP. Juried CompetitionJuhola International Social Art Symposium

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Unveiling of Mural

2018 1 January : “WE ARE FAMILY” Fez Morocco. This mural is part of a social art project, “We are Family.” I have been invited as a resident artist by David Amster, Director of The American Language Center-Fes and Arab Language Institute Fes known as ALC- Fez & ALIF , Community Service Club of energetic university students from a range of disciplines in collaboration with the girls living at The Girls Center Ziat. The Girls Center at Ziat is supposed to be a rehabilitation center for girls who are deemed “criminals” and wards of the state, ages 9-16.

The idea and design of the mural was to be derived from the girls. To collect imagery, I conducted a series of drawing workshops with pencil and colored markers.

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Group Exhibitions

2017 1-26 Nov Confirmed: THINKING BIG: Artists of Blue Mountain Gallery at Westbeth Gallery Westbeth Artists Housing, 55 Bethune Street New York, NY 10014

2017 3 Sept- 31 Oct : JUHOLA INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL ART SYMPOSIUM Raasepori, Finland, 27 Aug – 3 Sept Symposium Dates International Community Social Art Exhibition Collaborative exhibition with Singapore students from NTU, a community of Down Syndrome women in Finland adn artist Jan Jämsen

2017 2 Jun- 2 Oct : STUDIO YU ARTISTS Princeton Abby New Jersey USA

2017 11-19 Ma: 2017 GLOVER PRIZE FINALISTS 40 Artists choosen out of 336, 10,000 visitors to exhibition The John Glover Society Inc. Tasmania, Australia


2016 Sept 1-10 2016 WOMEN’S ART FESTIVAL Gwangju Folk Art Museum, Organized by the International Women’s Exchange Association, Korea

2016 12-30 July: “ORANGES NOT ORANGES” Blue Mountain Gallery Members Show. 230 West 25th Street New York NY. Frank O’Hara’s poem, “Why I Am Not a Painter” provides the inspiration for this freewheeling exhibit by Blue Mountain Gallery artists.

2016 1-7 Jul confirmed: HER PRESENCE IN COLORS XII Asian/International Woman Artist Exhibition and Seminar Series Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Taiwan International Women’s Seminar theme: Women for a better Quality of Life

2016 19-26 June confirmed: 2nd INTERNATIONAL ART SYMPOSIUM ORTA ITALY 2016 curator Vittorio Tonon theme Body and Fashion, catalogue week stay on Lake Orta making art with international artists

2015 18-21 Dec: NANCHUNG ART FAIR 2015 Nanchung China International Exhibition Hall


2015 17 Oct-14 Nov: MORE THAN A FACE (3 women artists) Washington Art Association, Washington Depot CT. USA Washington CT. is suburb of New York City, home to Author Miller, and many great writers and Artists, a renowned location- I was invited by the exhibition committee to

2015 6-11 Sept: 2nd INTERNATIONAL SILK ROADS ARTS FESTIVAL The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Culture and the Shaanxi Provincial - 1 painting, 1 week hotel & tour

2015 27 Apr-3 Ma: SHARM EL SHEIKH INTERNATIONAL ART SYMPOSIUM Sharm El Sheihk South Sinai, Egypt, 1 week hotel & making art

2015 26-30 Jan: INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL WORKSHOP, THAILAND Poh-Chang Academy of Art & Rajamangala University of Technology Ratttanaksin, 1 week hotel & making art

2014 3-13 Sept: China ART INDUSTRY EXPO 2014 Beijing, Ministry of Culture of the PRC, & Beijing Municipal Government, Site: Songzhuang Creative Industries Hub Tongzhou District Beijing

2014 3-13 Sept : 4th INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S ARTS FESTIVAL “Garden of Flame” Sponsor: Gwangju City Venue: Gwanju Folk Museum 1 week hotel & tour

2014 19-26 July: HER PRESENCE IN COLOURS XI Mongolia National Modern Art Museum INWAC Asian/International Woman Artists Exhibitions Series Presented by Conservatory of Fine Arts (International Women Artists Council) 1 week hotel & tour

2014 1-30 April: HAIYAN INTERNATIONAL ART FUNDRAISING 2014 Fundraising exhibition in support of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines Curated by Singapore National Artist Goh Beng Kwan

2013/2014 27 Dec- 2 Jan: 3rd NAMBOO INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FESTIVAL, Jeonbuk, Korea International Art Exchange Exhibition

2013 30 Oct-5 Nov: 16th WORLD PEACE EXHIBITION Seoul, South Korea Curator Lee Jon Young | Charles Mercieca Professor Emeritus Alabama A&M University and President of International Educators for World Peace

2013 14-25 Aug: 29th INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FESTIVAL South Korea, Daegu Culture and Arts Center, Korea

2013 20 June-present: “SAMSUNG MASTERPIECES” Curator Iola Lenzi, Asia’s Digital Art gallery by Samsung, on line continuously

2013 23-30 April: “SUBWAYS OF CREATIVITY” Collaborative project “Shared Artist Books” University of Valencia, Bellas Artes de San Carlos Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia | Installation @ Polytechnic University of Valencia Collaborative Artwork “SHARED ARTIST’S BOOK” | Mixed Media

2012 10 Oct thru 2013 13 May: COLLABORATIVE YURT CONTAINER INSTALLATIONS Byeokam International Art Museum Jeonbuk, Korea 2 Collaborative Installations | Artists: Sarah Schuster USA, Eunice Mateo Dominican Republic | Joan Marie Kelly Republic of Ireland, Elizabeth Meyersohn USA, Mounira Stott Russia, Hoyeon Lyu Republic of Korea

2012 7-18 May: “BEYOND BORDERS, PAINTING OVER JEONBUK” Site: DMZ between North & South Korea, artist from 30 countries made site specific pieces from the DMZone

2012 1-30 April: “THE SEX ISSUE” Vol. #7, Projekt30, Digital Gallery

2012 23 Jan-31 Mar: “WOMEN” AHUJA MUSEUM FOR THE ARTS Kolkata India, Curator Anvita Singh

2011 25-31 August: 14th WORLD PEACE EXHIBITION Danwon Kim Hong Do Gallery, Ansan, Republic of Korea

2011 27 Nov-4 Dec : ART BASEL: BASEL MIAMI BEACH Betsy Underground Gallery w/ Maryland Institute College of Art, Curator: Leslie King-Hammond

2011 2-6 May: 6 ARTIST EXHIBITION CHULALONGKOR UNIVERSITY Jamjuree Art Hall 3 Thai artists & 2 Western artists

2011 22 Jan-20 Feb: “TOURISM:PERCEPTIONS & REPRESENTATIONS Heritage Re-interpreted through Glocal Nexus” Chiang Khan Museum, Thailand Exhibition of Research collaboration Chiang Khan Museum, collaborative research project with universities in Thailand and Australia 5 paintings

2010 Aug - Sept: ASIA II” Exhibition Curated from Museum collection Ahuja Museum of Arts Kolkata, India

2010 2-17 Augb: 6th INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL WORKSHOP IN THAILAND Invitational Group Exhibition sponsored by Rajamangala University of Technology, Thailand 2 Paintings | Traveling exhibition

2010 15 Feb - 7 Mar : 6th INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL WORKSHOP IN THAILAND, The Art and Cultural Exhibition hall Chiang Mai University Kolkata Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata, India Duel Exhibition Joan Kelly, and Ganesh Basu

2009 26 Nov-2 Dec: “IDENTITY-ANONYMITY” group exhibition The Lloyd Gill Gallery Weston, UK,

2009 Sept-Oc: PERCEPTION(Juried Drawing) Robert and Elain Stein Galleries, Wright University Dayton

2009 March: ARTIST IN RESIDENCE EXHIBITION Burren College of Art

2006 July: “14 EMERGING ARTISTS” Prince Street Gallery, Chelsea, NY

2006: “SMALL WORKS” Blue Mountain Gallery, Chelsea, NY

2005: “TOUR DE CLAY” Maryland Institute

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Local Exhibition (Singapore)

2013, Oct 4th - Nov 4th: “Singapore’s Leading Digital Art Exhibition” National Museum Singapore, Curator Iola Lenzi

2008, April: “Influx” Post Museum, Singapore Duel Exhibition, Joan Kelly and Eileen Reynolds

2007 1-30 May: “Digital Dualism” Basheer Gallery, Singapore Duel Exhibition, Joan Kelly & Phillip Baldwin.

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2014: Kelly, Joan Marie. ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Self Identity in Communities of Marginalized Women in Kolkata, India’ (2014) Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2015, e-book

2013: Kelly, Joan Marie.’Engineering Education in the 21st Century: Creativity, Collaboration, Invention” International Journal of Information and Education Technology’ Vol. 3, No. 2 April

2013: Kelly, Joan Marie. ‘Art Production and Social Knowledge: Relationship to Development Communications’ The Journal of Development Communication Volume 23, Number 2.

2012: Kelly, Joan Marie. ‘The Public Art of Joan Kelly: Zones of Contact’ Solo exhibition written essay by Art critic David Cohen of Artcritical, 2012, Designer: Cindy Wang

2009: Kelly, Joan Marie. ‘The Communicative Dynamics of Painting’ International Journal of Arts and Society 2009.

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Publications: Journal
Publications co author

2016 Nov: Children of Mon Mot - documentation of a Tira legend of the Abui community (Eastern Indonesia)* Authors: Frantiˇsek Kratochv´, Benidiktus Delpada, Rachel Siao Jia Yu, Ng Xiao Yan, Dang Mai Trang and Joan M. Kelly VSMM, Virtual Systems and Multimedia Presented at the 22nd VSMM conference University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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International Journal Reviewer, Curator

2013 2-3 Feb: IACSIT Hong Kong, 2nd International Conference on Education and Information Technology, Reviewer of journal papers

2012 10 Oct- 2013: Curator/ Vice Director 1st Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale, Jeonbuk, Korea

2012, April: Projekt30 Digital Gallery, Exhibition

2009: International Journal of Arts and Society, Associate Editor

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Publications of Artwork

2017 March: 2017 GLOVER PRIZE chosen from 336 Artists Joan Kelly #22 in catalogue

2016 Nov: 17th ASIAN ART BIENNALE BANGLADESH 2016 National Art Gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka

2016 Oct: HANGZHOU CHINA GLOBAL ARTS AGENDA G20 2016 organizer Hangzhou Qianjing International Art Museum pg. 93 & 94

2016 1-7 Jul: HER PRESENCE IN COLORS XII Asian/International Woman Artist Exhibition and Seminar Series Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Taiwan pg.49

2016 19-26 June: 2nd INTERNATIONAL ART SYMPOSIUM ORTA ITALY 2016 curator Vittorio Tonon theme Body and Fashion pg. 34-35

2015 18-21 Dec: NANCHUNG ART FAIR 2015 Nanchung China International Exhibition Hall


2015 26-30 Jan: 10th international Art Festival Workshop, Thailand Poh-Chang Academy of Arts & Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin pg. 66

2014 12-21 Oct: 1st Langkawi International Art Biennale pg 169

2014 29 Sept-1 Oct: China Art Industry Expo 2014, Tongzhou, Beijing pg 121, 164, & 274, 4 paintings with Biography 2nd Publication: Micro Works Platform of the China Art Industry Expo 2014 pg 63, 76 & 77

2014 21-28 Sept : 1st Qingdao International Art Biennale 400 Artists 42 Countries, Page 83

2014 3-13 Sept: 4th International Women’s Arts Festival, Korea‘Garden of Flame’ Gwangju Folk Art Museum pg 240-41

2014 19-26 July: HER PRESENCE IN COLOURS XI Mongolia National Modern Art Museum pg 83

2013/2014 27 Dec- 2 Jan: 3rd Namboo International Contemporary Art Festival Jeonbuk local International Art Exchange Exhibition

2013 30 Oct- 5 Nov: “Korean Gallery” 16th World Peace Exhibition Seoul, South Korea pg 18

2013 4-11 Oct: 1st Changzhou China International Art Workshop and Festival Baosheng Garden Mount Mao, Jintan, China pg 35, 177

2013 14-25 Aug. 29th: 29th International Contemporary Art Festival Daegu, Daegu Culture and Arts Center South Korea

2013 6-16 May: “Women in Art of Contemporary World” Moscow International Spring Festival, pg 55

2013 30, Apr- 5 May: 2nd International Izmir Biennale Izmir Turkey Seba Art Gallery Director Seba Ugurtan pg 220

2013 29 Jan - 28 Feb: International Art Workshop Naresuan University Phitsanulok, Thailand, Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies, pg 81, 277

2013 22 Jan-25 Feb: International Art Festival Workshop 2013 Poh Chang Academy of Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin, pg 81, 277

2012 9 Oct - 13 May: 1st Ecorea Jeonbuk International Art Biennale ISBN 978-89-94512-10-5 | Joan M. Kelly Pages 11, 27, 31, 90,267

2012 28 Sept - 22 Oct: The Album of the Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale, China Peoples Fine Art Publishing House | Page. 84

2012 15-30 June: 1st Biennale Internationale Casablanca Morocco, pg 27

2012 7-18 May: “Beyond Borders, 2012 Exhibition of International DMZ Outdoor Installation” This exhibition was held on the DMZ between North and South Korea | 41 artists participated. | Joan Kelly represented USA, pg 52

2012 23 Jan - 31 Mar : “Women” Ahuja, Museum for the Arts, Kolkata India Curator Anvita Singh, Cover photograph

2012 21-30 Jan: Biennale D’Arte Internationale Di Roma, Sale del Bramante, Centro Internazionale Artisti Contemporanei Publisher: CIAC, pg 107

2011 9-18 Oct: 14th World Peace Art Exhibition Republic of Korea, pg 14

2011 4-28 Feb: 7th International Art Festival & Workshop Bangkok Thailand, pg 20

2010 11 Feb - 17 Mar: 6th International Art Festival Thailand Poh Chang Academy of Arts and Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin, page 15

2008 Oct: International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen Published by University of West Bohemia ISBN: 978-80-7043-723-0, pg 66

2005: Erotic Wonders: The Private Collection of Erotic art of Naomi Wilzig LLC Box 1421 Lutz Florida Published by Miss Naomi International | ISBN: 0-9761840-2-8 Page 111

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Speaking Engagements

2017 2 Nov: “Participatory Art In South East Asia: Painting with Bangladesh Foreign Workers in Singapore”University Of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Invited be the Art History Dept, Prof Pamela Kamini

2016 20 Dec: “Investigation into Domestic Power Struggles between Men and Women”Sidi Mohammed Ben Abd Allah University, Fez Morocco Invited by the Gender Studies post graduate program

2016 July 3: “Pushing Bourdaries: Designing Experiences for Learning” International Women’s Seminar, Invited by International Women Artist Council, Venue: Kaohsiung Cultural Center

2016 June: “Painting a Traditional Medium Re-interpreted” 2nd International Art Symposium Orta Italia

2016 May: Pushing Boundaries: Narratives of Engagement Beyond the Social Frame University of Tasmania, Open to Public

2016 May: “Painting a Traditional Medium Continuously Re-interpreted” University of Tasmania Open to Public

2015 7 Apr: Teaching and Research in the Humanities Art and Social Sciences: A Sharing Day. Nanyang Technological University, College of Art Humanities and Social Sciences. Title of talk “Collaborating Classrooms Globally”

2015 9 Apr: Pecha Kucha Night #3, The Center for Contemporary Art Singapore Research Presentation, Title: “Social Art Practice, Art as Engagement”

2015 9 Feb: Princeton University, Sponsors: Gender and Sexuality Studies, African American Studies, Near-Eastern Studies, Lewis Center for the Arts Title: “Hierarchies, Perceptions and Keeping Whole Communities In Servitude”

2015 3 Feb : Yale University at NUS Singapore Invitation by Mark Joyce, Art Director Title: “Aesthetics and Science: A Plurality of Approaches to Making Art”

2014 19 Nov : Oberlin College USA , 19 Nov. 2014, Allen Art Building Title: “The Kotha and The Akhara: Historical Indian Archetypes of Masculinity and Femininity”

2014 3 April : The Center for Gender and Women’s Studies, University of Massachusetts, USA Title: “Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Self Identity In Communities of Marginalized Women”

2014 6 Mar : Edith Cowan University, Asian Media Department Perth, Australia Title: “Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Self Identity In Communities of Marginalized Women”

2013 Dec : Alzheimer’s Society of Kolkata, India Title: “Philosophical Ideas and Simple Art- Making Techniques for Alzheimer’s Patients”

2013 6-16 May: Moscow International Spring Festival, “Women in Art of Contemporary World” Russia State University of the Humanities, Title: “Social Change and the Potential for Painting”

2013 30 April -5 May : Izmir Biennale speaking engagement and presentation, Izmir, Turkey Title: “Re-Invigorating the Potential for Painting”

2013 30 Oct : Nanyang Technological University Hh0301 Environment in History Course taught by Prof Lisa Onaga. Title: “Visual Conversations”

2012 16-20 July : Plan Ordenamiento Territorial Kassel, Germany a mini residency during Documenta, presentation and discussion 18 July 2012, Title: “Zones of Contact: Public Art and Activism”

2011 9 Dec : University of New Hampshire, USA, Masters of Art Program Title: “The Public Studio: Perceptual Change and Revolutions”

2011 6 Dec : Smith College Massachusetts, USA, Art Department Title: “Brothels of Rabindra Sarani, Portraits of Twenty Women”

2011 29 Nov : Maryland Institute College of Art, USA Title: “The Public Art of Joan Kelly”

2008 Oct : International Drawing Biennial Pilsen, Czech Republic Title: “Survival of the Artist in Singapore”

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Conference Paper

2015 7-9 Oct: Contemporary Islamic Art, Design & Architecture 2015, Nanyang Technological University & National Library of Singapore Title: “Participatory Art In South East Asia”

2015 26 Feb-1 Mar: 4th International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC) Title: ‘Giving it back: From Oral Folktales to Illustrated Bilingual Reading Books for Minority Languages”

2015 Feb 14 : College Art Association 103rd Annual Conference Title: “Visual Conversations: Virtual, Cross Cultural Engagement In Visual Art Education

2014 3-4 Sept: International Women’s Art Festival Conference, Gwanju Folk Museum, South Korea Title: ‘The Current State of Affairs & Prospect For the Multidisciplinary Arts In Women’s Lives’

2014 30-31 Jul: Oppression & Human Rights & Sexuality Interdisciplinary Conference, Mansfield College Oxford, England Title: “Mirror, Mirror On the Wall: Self-Identity of Marginalized Women”

2014 28-29 Mar: The Symposium, Ways of Knowing Asian and MiddleEastern Women in Photographs Curator: Dr Oh Soon Hwa, Jesvin Puay-Hwa Yeo, Lilia Labidi, The Private Museum, Singapore Title: “Mirror, Mirror On the Wall: Self-Identity of Marginalized Women

2013 19-20 Ap: Bridging Sustainability in Research to Pedagogy: Theory and Practice International Conference Sponsor: Environment and Sustainability Research Cluster School of Humanities, NTU Title” Collaborating the Classroom Globally: Visual Conversations

2013 2-3 Feb: International Journal of Information and Education Technology, Hong Kong Title: “Engineering Education in the 21st Century: Creativity, Collaboration, Invention”

2012 22-25 Sep: Korea Wanju-government International Conference Title: “Integrating the Art Center Into Community

2011 4-8 Apr: Canadian International Conference on Education Toronto Canada Title: “Engineering Education in the Age of Globalization”

2010 16-19 Dec: Living on the Edge, University of Western Australia, Perth 4th International Conference of the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture Title: “Zones of Contact: The Making of a Painting

2009 28-31 Ju : Lettere et Arti Venizo Italia, Art and Society Conference and Journal Title: “The Communicative Dynamics of Painting”

2009 : Theatre/ Border Collaboration between Friere University Berlin and Goldsmiths University of London, Collaborative Presentation with Bhaskar Mukhopdyay Title: “Theatricalizing Portrait”

2007 Sept : Conference: Migrating University, Goldsmiths, University of London, Cultural Studies Dept. John Hutnyk, Title: “Art as Activism

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Artist Residencies

2017 May June July: WHOSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD? Intergenerational social Art Residency Collabioration between artist Joan Kelly and Multi homeless adults and Multi Ethnic elderly. Goddard Riverside Community Center, The Bernie Wohl Center 647 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10025 @ 88th street

2016 25 Nov thru: SOCIAL ART RESIDENCY “Image Lab: Telling Stories and Making Pictures”

2017 5 Jan : ALC FES & ALIF COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB with Exhibition American Language Center & Arabic Language Institute of Fes Fes Morocco In an interdisciplinary collaboration, young orphan Moroccan women living in the Girls Center at Ziat create images discussing perspectives of home and identity with artist Joan Kelly from Singapore, psychologist Meryem Bouchnafati and economist Firdaous Bakhchane. Joan Kelly taught the girls drawing and painting while creating portraits of the girls. This work was displayed at the Exhibition titled “Home Sweet Home” Venue: ALIF Riad

2016 11 April-6 May: University of Tasmania, Hobart Australia with solo exhbition

2012 July: Art Colonie Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sabiha Hadzimuratovic, Director, Residency in City of Gorazde and Sarajevo

2012 16-20 July: Plan Ordenamiento Territorial Kassel, Germany a mini residency during Documenta, presentation and discussion 18 July 2012 title of the presentation with discussion: “Zones of Contact: Public Art and Activism”

2012 June: Ifitry Residency is on the beach four hours drive south of Casablanca, Morocco and part of the Centre d’Art Contemporain Essaouira, Moustapha Romli

2012 June: Redgate Artist Residency, Beijing China

2007 July: Campus Hanoi, Art Residency, Hanoi, Vietnam

2006 June/July: Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Co Clair, Ireland

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2017 15 April: Painting & Wine American Embassy New Delhi

2016 Dec 9: “Fez Median Urban Sketching” taught in cooperation with the American Language Center & Arabic Language Institute of Fes

2016 Dec 7 : “Drawing Music Workshop” Fez Morocco, in cooperation with the American Language Center & Arabic Language Institute of Fes. Venue: ALIF Residence Villa 28 Rue Mohammed Diouri, The workshop was about tuning into making art that connects with traditional Moroccan music

2016 4 March: Drawing workshop illustrating folktales with students at Sanga Sangai School with School Director Rajesh Shahi and linguist lauren Gawne. Loaction: Kathmandu, Nepal

2016 2 Mar: Drawing workshop creating illustrations for the first children’s books in hte syuba language, at the Syuba Ramechhap Elementary School with Sangbu Tamang and linguist Lauren Gawne. Location: Ramechhap

2016 1 Mar: Drawing workshop creating illustrations for dictionaries in Syuba language with Norsang Tamang and linguist lauren Gawne

2014 Dec: Drawing workshop with naga children in collaboration with linguist Alec Coupe

2013 23 Dec: Art Therapy for Persons with Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s Society of India Title: “Philosophical Ideas and Simple Art- Making Techniques for Alzheimer’s Patients”

2013 12-13 Dec: Drawing workshop in Nagaland, NE India, Enhancement and Partnership for Integrated Change

2012 15-18 Mar: Figure Painting and Drawing in Bali, Singapore Art Museum

2011 16-20 Mar: Figure Drawing and Painting on Bali, Singapore Art Museum

2008 May: Anatomical Drawing Workshop for Animators, NTU, ADM

2008 Feb: Tile Workshop: Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, O Level School, Singapore

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2011: The Development of Advanced Based Virtual learning RISC Microcontroller (AVR) Subject in Engineering” Journal Penelitian Pascasarjana Undiksha | Vol. 3 2013 A.A. Gde.Ekayana, Naswan Suharsono, Made Tegeh

2015: “Guftugu, Indian Writers Forum” 1st Issue, “Pinky’s Bed” Joan Marie Kelly & Shikah Das

2017 2 Jan: “The View From Fez: News and Views From Morocco” Full page article with pictures “Fez Exhibition Reveals Girls Dreams” on line journal editor: Suzanna Clarke

2015: New York Times “Art Calendar” photo of my work: ”Multi-media Research at Dawn: Water, Flowers and Puja’s” oil on canvas 122cm x 184cm

2015 Oct: Cover of “Country and Abroad” Magazine with article inside

2015 Oct: Litchfield County Times has printed an article on the exhibition “More Than A Face”

2014 2 Jan: Project Heartland to capture memories, experiences of HDB residents Channel NewsAsia, Interview with Olivia Siong

2013: Creative Mind, VOL. IX, QTR.-1, 2013 by Dr. Ruchika Wason Singh “Creative Confluence, The 9th International Art Festival and Art Workshop in Thailand 2013

2013: Indian Contemporary Art Journal 2013 Title” Izmir Art Biennale by Prakash Bal Joshi, Pages 54-55 vol. 11

2013: BLOUIN ARTINFO 15 July 2013 “Samsung Launches Digital Art Gallery in Singapore “Masterpieces” Joan Marie Kelly’s work is mentioned in the article

2013: Wanju County Art & Art Criticism Magazine October 2013, Artists Joan Kelly and Sarah Schuster were interviewed by Samuel Shin Publisher and Editor about the concepts behind the 1st Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale.

2013: KBS- Korean Broadcasting System- October 2013 Park, Yong-Suk interview with Joan Kelly in front of her painting inside the Sori Art Museum during the 1st Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale

2013: Jeonju Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. TV-R programming October 2013 Photo’s and discussion of Joan Kelly’s Art Work during an interview with Dr. Ryu Ilseon Director of the 1st Ecorea Jeonbuk Art Biennale by Yun Sung-Hee from MBC

2012 20 June: Asian Age: Review of Solo Exhibition in New Delhi

2012: Times of India, New Delhi April 2012

2012: College Art Association, April 2012

2011: Gallery & Studio, Sept/Oct 2011 Issue VOl.14 No.1, Ed McCormack “Joan Marie Kelly: A Painter Among Sex Workers”

2011: New York Sun Paper, 14 Jul 2011, David Cohen, “An Easel Among The Flesh Pots”

2011: BLOUIN ARTINFO 15 July 2011 “Zones of Contact” Joan Kelly

2009: The Statesman, Kolkata India, 23 November 2009

2009: The Myth of Europa, European Alternatives magazine published May 2009 “Glocal Art at the Margins of Empire” by Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay pg 18-19

2007: Art Reviews Boons Café 2007

2007: @NTU issue 66, July 2007, Author Charles Chua

2007: Straits Times, 10 May 2007, Adeline Chia, “Spotlight of Geylangs’ Denizens”

2007: The Straits Times, 4 March 2007 “The Naked Truth about Nudes”

2007: 2007, May 12 Digital Dualism by Joan Kelly and Philip Baldwin Art Reviews Boons Café sian Age 10 June 2012

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2013: Saatchi On Line (on line portal for promotion and sales)

2013 1 July: “Samsung Launches Digital Art Gallery in Singapore Masterpieces” BLOUIN ARTINFO

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On Going Interdisciplinary
Artistic Research

“The Image Lab” Telling stories and Making Pictures: Collaboration with the Protection of Children Center Ziat Morocco, The American Language Center Fez Morocco, The Arabic language Institute, Nanyang Technological University represented by Joan Kelly

2016 Nov-Jan: Joan Kelly has teamed up with Psychogist Meryem Bouchnafati and Economist Firdaous Bakhchane from ALIF to give orphaned girls the opportunity to tell stories visually while making art along with the girls. The aim is to transform the perspectives, the girls have of themselves and the societies prerspective of the girls from identifying them as children that are a second status because they were born out of wedlock to creative talented beings, young artists. The orphan girls of Ziat Center are encouraged and given the means and focus to create. Through the production of and seeing the audience reaction to the creative work a shift is taking place in the girls self image. The 2nd aspect of the work is artist jon Kelly making art in response to the girls. Collaborating with each girl Joan Kelly is giving attention to the girls by a girl and joan kelly spending time sitting across from each other studying the forms of our faces. From this action Kelly is making larger paintings of each girl.

2017 Dec: Image Lab part 2 Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Making a Mural with under-privileged girls as a creative means to set an example of how to carry out a process from exploration to finished product. Kelly will conducted a series of workshops with the girls gleaning sketches for the design and execution of a 33 meter long mural. The Mural was completed inside the Girls Center at Ziat

Anticipated Outcomes 2018

1 Exhibitions planned Oct 2018 at Women’s Club at Roland Park Baltimore Maryland

“Language Made Visible”: Collaboration With Linguists, Sustaining Oral Lauguages

2013: This involves collaborations with four linguists working in different focus areas in Asia. Each linguist has a focus community where they have spent years learning the community’s oral only language as well as document cultural heritage. 2nd part involves The linguists working with the community to write the first text of the oral language in the dominant language alphabet. “Languages Made Visible” Director Joan Marie Kelly is working with the linguists, community leaders, illustrators and engineers, to create literacy materials in the new text. We are producing the first illustrated children’s books of the commuity’s, foltales, histories and documentation of tradition technologies. The foltales are recorded stories told by community members. Kelly has the role of facilitator and communicator between the linguists, community members, artists and engineers involved. She conducts workshops in the oral speakers communities collecting visual imagery, mentors the design and illustration students working giving design critique and collaborating in the process of translating the communities vision of their folktale. Linguists and communities involved are: Dr. Lauren Gawne: Yoklmo/Syuba Community, Nepal Dr. Alec Coupe: Ao and Angami tribes in Nagaland, NE India Dr. Frantisek Kratochvil: Abui community Alor, Indonesia Dr. Amos Teo: Semi Tribe in Nagaland, NE India

I have also been working with two engineers designing and coding a language learning website for the Yolmo/Syuba community. The site translates 1200 words with illustrations from Syuba/ Nepali/English, and has a language learning game where the player walks through out the mountain village learning words and gaining understanding of cultural heritage.

Outcomes: (a select few of the produced Illustrated Children’s Books listed below) co authored paper, Children of Mon Mot - documentation of a tira legend of the Abui community (Eastern Indonesia)* language learn website Yolmo/Syuba Why Does the leopard Cat Eat Chickens? Ao language Nagaland Peh Yang Yu Tiger and Jackel and collected short stories, Syuba language Nepal Jolene Tan Giant Snake Mot Mot Abui People Alor, Indonesia Ng Xiao Yan Boiled Crabs Angami tribe Nagaland Peh Yang Yu The Rat and The Chick Ao language Nagaland Peh Yang Yu Short Stories Including The Jackel and Pheasant Syuba Community Nepal Ng Xiao Yan Supfunnuo, Angami tribe, Nagaland NE india translated by Kenei Kuotsu Ng Yan Ying Toto And A Snake Sumi tribe NE Nagaland translated by Amos Teo Ng Yan Ying The Dog and A Cat, Sumi tribe NE Nagaland translated by Amos Teo Ng Yan Ying The Mouse Book, Sumi tribe NE Nagaland translated by Amos Teo Ng Yan Ying The Bird and The Ant, Sumi tribe NE Nagaland translated by Amos Teo Wong Pei Si

2016 March-May:

“Hidden In the City, Yet In Clear View”: Collaboration Between, HealthServe an NGO in Singapore, Foreign Workers,

The purpose of this collaboration is to transform perspectives through an art exchange between twenty year old Singaporeans and Banladesh foreign workers in Singapore. Singaporean society lives side by side with foreign workers doing all labor. These two communities see each other daily but understanding their “place” in society there are no direct contact or exchanges between each community. As a result each social group have preconceived ideas about each other. I facilitate engagement1st step:The Young Singaporeans initiated a night of games and dancing whre they exchanged a Hip-Hop routine with the Bangladesh workers in exchange for a Bollywood lesson. This can be seen in the link: After the first interaction the students were shocked at how the Bangladesh men described thier living conditions, the food they are served daily and the high costs of agreeing to take the job which they work the 1st several yrs to repay. 2nd interaction the 20 Singaporeans took out 20 workers to dinner to talk, making connections and plans for further experiences together. A few of the projects were: two bangladesh men cooked dinner at a Chinese famiy’s house and shared a meal between the workers and the family. Two Singaporeans took an Indianworker to dinner and to the Buddhist temple teaching him how the Buddhists worship, in exchange the Indian worker took the students to the Hindu Temple teaching them his practice. The results were a transformative experience especially for the Singaporeans. The experiences counterd all they had been told. A blog about the project where the students wrote about their experiences can be seen here:

2017 March May:

Collaboration Between, HealthServe an NGO in Singapore, Medical Doctors, Foreign Workers, Designers and Engineers 2017-Part 2

This collaboration is just beginning where the young Singaporeans will conduct research and spend time with mediacl doctors who are caring for injured foreign workers in Singapore as well as with the foreign workers. The idea is to spend time to research the latent problems that the medical doctors and injured encounter when working with each other. The engineers will evaluate and problem solve designing technology that will address the problems. The outcome will be in May 2017. Outcomes: Tangible outcomes are still being established here. I am writing a 1st author paper on experiential education techniques when working with two contrasting economic and ethnic social groups

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2015: Senior Lecturer, Nanyang Technological University, School of Art Design and Media Singapore

2005 July 2015: Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, School of Art Design and Media Singapore Duties and Course work: Coordinator Joint Major ADM and EEE, Information Engineering Media Major, 2008 - Present

  • Hiring of all faculty in joint Major
  • Scheduling courses
  • Maintaining budgets
  • Purchasing all consumable materials
  • Conduit for all communication between the Engineering School and the Art School

Coordinator Foundation Drawing 2005-200

Courses Taught:
  • Thinking and Communicating Visually I
  • Thinking and Communicating Visually II
  • Foundation Drawing
  • Figurative Painting I
  • Foundation Drawing II
  • Painting II
  • Advanced Dainting
  • Two Dimensional Design

2004: Teaching Assistant: lithography Prof. Rosalie Appel, Western Connecticut State University

2004: Teaching Assistant: Painting I Marjorie Portnow, Western Connecticut State University

2003-2004: Naugatuck Valley Community College: Connecticut, taught a two-week intensive class Ceramics, mono printing painting and drawing

2004: Art Teacher Hudson Valley Montessori School: infant-twelve year olds

1997-2002: Director and Founder of Art Studio Art Studio for Adults with Disabilities for the Disabled Adults (Keswick Multi-Care Center) Baltimore Maryland USA

I worked to develop art practice as a means to re-invigorate creativity in communities of disabled persons. I founded an art studio for disabled adults. I developed a philosophy recognising that the person whose decisions guide the making of the piece is the author. The work began with the body, exploring how each unique body impacts materials. When needed we were the artistic tools allowing anyone to participate. Additionally, I teamed up with the homeless shelter, feeding lunch to homeless children if they volunteered to work one-on-one with the disabled adults. I didn’t realize at the time that this was the beginning of my participatory art practice.

Responsibilities: Cearting the philosophy for the program Fund Rasiing publicity hired all full-time and sub-contracted artists initiating all outreach programs and collaborations within the community Orgainzing all exhibitions of artwork

1994 – 2005: Freelance Artist Independent Contractor, USA
Notible Public Commissions: 21 oil paintings of various sizes 31,500 USD Rose Hotel and Restaurant: Maryland, USA. Architect,Frank Grant, oil on canvas
3 Wall Murals in acrylic, 48” x 10”, 24” x 38”, 2” x 30” 35K USD Brooklyn Park Middle School: USA. Architectural firm: Grimm And Parker
Murals in twelve rosettes of 30” x 24” 12K USD “The Nine Muses of Arts and Sciences” Belvedere Hotel Baltimore: Maryland, USA. 2001
Series of Fireplace Tiles 10K USD Baltimore, Maryland USA Gould Architect, PA
Series of Wall Murals 15K USD , Law Office of Jeffrey Hinze: Baltimore, Maryland USA
Wall Mural 5’ x 25’ 25K USD, Montebello Elementary School: Baltimore City Wall Mural in oil 6” x 25” 10K Sons of Italy: Baltimore, USA 1998

2013: Samsung, artistic consultant, testing the stylus for the Samsung Notebook 10.4

2013: Cultural Development consult for government of Anqing China

1995- 1997: Educational Outreach Mitchell Gallery: St Johns College, Annopolis Maryland USA

1987- 1989: Docent Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York USA European Medieval Department, Cloisters