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Joan Marie Kelly

-- About

-- About --

Social Art Practitioner | Artist | Teacher

Joan Marie Kelly is a practicing artist, exhibiting and publishing internationally. Her creative work emanates from ethnographical practices such as “fieldwork”. She is a social art practitioner implementing participatory art workshops since 2009 with sex workers in Kolkata India as the founder of ‘The Kolkata Women’s Dialogue.’

She works to sustain endangered languages with three linguists, Lauren Gawne, Alexander Coupe and Frantisek Kratochvil. In each linguist’s focus area she creates artistic engagement with members of the host communities. The focus of the workshops is to expose and gain understanding of visual iconography embedded in the culture of the host community.

Joan teaches at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art Design and Media in Singapore, since 2005.

7 Awards

2014 - “Best of Show” China Art Expo, Beijing 2014

2013 - 16th World Peace Exhibition, Excellence in Social Art, 1st Prize, 50 International Artists

2013 - Honorary Guest Artist, Marrakech Morocco, Guinness Book of World Records

2012 - Achievement in Figurative Painting, 1st Prize, Jeonbuk Biennale, 510 artists from 45 countries

2012 - Honorary Ambassador, Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale, Jeonju Korea

2012 - Appreciation of Service Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale, Rym, Chung Yeap, Mayor Wanju, Korea

2006 - Masters of Fine Art Honors Award, Western Connecticut State University, Artist Residencies

18 Collections

Notable International Private and Corporate Collections

2011 - Chandran Nair, CEO of GIFT, Global Institute for Tomorrow

2009 - Private Collect, Richard O’Brien, Irish Ambassador Singapore,“The Burren”

1990 - Private Collection, Will Barnet, Artist, New York

1990 - Corporate Collection, Kidder Peabody: New York

1990 - Private Collection, Diana Kan: Artist New York

1990 - Private Collection, Lady Jane Ashley: New York

47 Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2014, 1-20 Dec - “Historical Indian Archetypes of Masculinity and Femininity: The Kotha and The Akhara”
Baron Art Gallery, Oberlin College USA

2012, 11-17 April - “Initial Encounters”
Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi Curator, Alka Pande

2011, 6 Dec - 30 Jan - “Rabindra Sarani, Portraits of Twenty Women”
Oresman Gallery at Smith College, Northampton Massachusetts USA

2011, 12-30 July - “Zones of Contact”
Blue Mountain Gallery Chelsea, New York City

2008, Nov - “Reflex”
Museum and Galeri Tuanku Fauziah | University Sains Penang

28 Publications

Journal Publications as 1st Author

“Art Production and Social Knowledge: Relationship to Development Communications” The Journal of Development Communication Volume 23, Number 2, PP6725/01/2013 ISSN 0128-3863

“Engineering Education in the 21st Century: Creativity, Collaboration, Invention” International Journal of Information and Education Technology Vol. 3, No. 2 April 2013 pg. 240 ISSN2010-3689

“The Public Art of Joan Kelly: Zones of Contact” Solo exhibition written essay by Art critic David Cohen of Artcritical, 2012, Designer: Cindy Wang ISBN 978-981-07-1843-5

International Journal of Arts and Society 2009, publication “The Communicative Dynamics of Painting” Joan Kelly 1st author, vol.4, number 3, 2009 ISSN 1833-1866


-- Contact Me

-- Contact Me --

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